Instruction to parents

  1. 01. Your co-operation is essential for ensuring an effective and quality education for your children. This can be done by
    i. Creating a conducive study atmosphere at home.
    ii. Providing Text Books, Note Books and other study materials requiredby your ward.
    iii. Assisting and guiding your ward in doing the homework.
    iv. Assisting your ward in overcoming any difficulty in particular subjects.
    v. Paying the school fees in time.

  2. 02. You are requested to send a leave application duly attested by you prior to your ward’s absence from class.
  3. 03. You are requested to check your ward’s calendar regularly to ensure that the given home-work is completed.
  4. 04. Please read and countersign the remarks made by the class teacher / subject teacher regarding your ward’s performance and behaviour.
  5. 05. Should you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desired progress, you are welcome to meet the class teacher / subject teachers.
  6. 06. You are requested to meet the class teacher / subject teacher personally in the staff room and not in the classroom while classes are in progress.
  7. 07. Please ensure that your ward is regular to school and in neat and clean uniform.
  8. 08. Please do not send your ward to school when he/she has any infectious disease.
  9. 09. Please do not allow your ward to bring expensive things to school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss.
  10. 10. Please encourage your children to be tolerant, accommodative and disciplined.