Rules of School

  1. 1. All pupils shall come to school punctually wearing neat and clean uniform.
  2. 2. Pupils who come late may be allowed to attend classes only with the permission of the Duty Teacher / Principal.
  3. 3. Pupils are expected to keep their class rooms and the school premises spick and span.
  4. 4. Pupils are strictly forbidden to scribble on the walls, furniture, and any part of the school premises. Should pupils damage furniture or any school property, they will make good the loss.
  5. 5. Pupils at all times shall show respect to teaching staff, and they should be gentle and polite to their school-mates.
  6. 6. While moving from the assembly area to the class rooms or from one class to the other, pupils shall proceed silently in a single line.
  7. 7. Pupils are neither allowed to meet their parents or visitors nor to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal / Duty Teacher.
  8. 8. Pupils themselves are responsible for their books, pens and other articles they bring to school.
  9. 9. Every pupil must take part in school functions and other activities unless exempted by the class teacher.
  10. 10. Tampering with the progress report is an offence. Any cases of any manipulation, alteration of entries will be treated as a serious offence and may entail even dismissal from the school.
  11. 11. In case of loss of progress report, a duplicate will be issued on payment of a fine of Rs. 10/- in the school office.
  12. 12. Pupils using the school bus are expected to keep the bus clean In case any damage to the bus is brought to the notice of the Principal, the students concerned will be severely dealt with and the loss will be made good by them.
  13. 13. Pupils suffering from infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend School. Only on producing a fitness certificate from a medical officer they will be allowed to attend classes. Other pupils belonging to the same family should also be kept at home till such time they are free from infection.
  14. 14. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience, disrespect towards the staff members and other reprehensible behaviours may entail dismissal from the school.
  15. 15. Parents shall not meet the teacher or the children during class hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  16. 16. Pupils who are not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the class without the permission of the Principal.
  17. 17. Attendance on 15th August and 26th January is compulsory.
  18. 18. Pupils shall not ride bicycles inside the campus. They shall dismount at the gate and park the cycles locked only in the cycle stand.
  19. 19. Pupils shall take care not to drop food while taking lunch in the class room.
  20. 20. Pupils shall not play inside the class room or in the corridors.
  21. 21. Pupils shall not loiter hither thither while the school is in session.

Class I to VII

Boys : Navy Blue Knickers with two pockets and white popplin half sleeved shirt with unflapped pockets and collar.

Hair Style : Normal cropped hair trimmed properly, Sikhs are permitted to have their traditional hair style.

Girls : Navy blue skirts and white shirts with Collar and grown up girls are to wear salwar kameez as described below.

Hair Style : Bob cut or two plaits folded up and tied with red ribbons.

Class VIII to XII

Boys : Navy Blue Pants with two pockets and white popplin half sleeved shirt with unflapped pockets and collar.

Hair Style : As mentioned above for boys.

Girls : White popplin salwar and navy blue half sleeved kameez with high neck and white popplin duppattah.


Foot wear is common for boys and girls. Black Leather Shoes & White Socks reaching upto the knees. White canvas shoes on mass P.T.days. One set of all white uniform of the pattern described above to be worn on all working Mondays.

Only one day in a year i.e. on the occasion of the birthday a pupil can attend school in civil dress which is well within the limits of decency. Badges and belts are to be worn regularly.